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Deliver a capable workflow management system with the MaestroLIVE Core Platform

Our Entry package offers the very core functionality that MaestroLIVE delivers. You will be able to set-up your workflow delivering tasks and defect reporting. Set-up unlimited users, design custom forms and view a schedule of work in a dynamic calendar. The MaestroLIVE core platform also allows you to access reports for data analysis and business intelligence.

Ideal for BIDs, Town Centers, Shopping Centers, Golf Courses, Holiday Parks & Public Spaces

If you operate in one of these environments, or one very similar to it, the MaestroLIVE Entry package is likely to be ideal for you. The simple but powerful offering provides enough functionality to deliver real efficiencies and productivity improvements without the complexity of calibrating our Advanced or Enterprise packages.

If you would like to empower members of the public or BID members with ZappApp please contact us to arrange. ZappApp comes is delivered as two modules: MC3 and ZappApp itself. MC3 is our comprehensive public enquiry management system and ZappApp is the app that reports into this system from street level.


Per User Per Month

Everything you
need to get started

Ideal for town centers, BIDs, holiday parks & shopping centers...

Launch MaestroLIVE in seconds and have your workflow set-up in minutes.

See just how powerful MaestroLIVE really is with our fully functional*, free, 30 day trial. Spin up an instance in seconds and get access to a wealth of support and learning materials to show you the ropes.

Need longer than 30 days? Speak to the team and we’ll arrange it.

No payment info needed.

Core MaestroLIVE Platform Features


Coordinate your mobile workforce and the jobs they complete. Tasks, repeating tasks and defect reports.


Build custom data capture forms to distribute among your mobile workers attached to tasks or defects.


Maintain a database of customers, businesses and manage your relationships with them.


Access data analysis and business intelligence for your mobile workflow operation and calculate ROI.


Monitor a calendar of all your scheduled tasks. Easily drag and drop tasks to reschedule.

ZappApp and MC3*

Empower the public, customers and BID members to report defects directly into your instance.

*Additional modules needed.

Want more?

Our Advanced and Enterprise features are due for general release via the MaestroLIVE SAAS Portal very soon. If you would like to know more or make use of Advanced and Enterprise features sooner, please contact us to arrange this.

Latest News

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